Price for hiring a donkey :
- Half a day : 30 euros
- A day : 45 euros
- A week : 250 euros 
- Preparing your hike and booking for nights : 40 to 60 euros
- Donkey repatriation : 40 euros

Activities for schools, groups,… :
Reception for day or half a day for schools, groups, works councils,… 
- Prices out of school holiday periods :
1/2 day : 4 euros,
day : 6,80 euros
(since 20 persons).
Day of discovering of the farm, the herd of donkey, visiting the Asinerie, feeding the poultry and doing a little hike : 250 euros for 20 to 25 persons

Discovering carriage during a day (in partnership with "Les Calèches Lanvéociennes" and their "comtois" horses) :
leaving the farm for joining the little haven of Le Fret for picinic (or lunch in a restaurant - reservation required)
490 euros the day for 10 persons (
2 carriages during the all day)
690 euros the day for 14 persons (3 carriages during the all day)
Discovering hike with donkeys and carriage with 2 "comtois" horses and a mule
in two groups, half a day in carriage, the other one in hike and walk with donkeys.
picnic together for changing (3 carriages and 3 donkeys)
825 euros the day for a group of 20 to 25 persons
Discovering hike with donkeys for families with young children
a carriage drawn by donkeys let the children rest and carry the picnic (available for little children under 2 years old)
for works councils and groups of families (5 or 6 families)
350 euros the day