Pedagogic farm


Océ'âne is recognized pedagogic farm.

In this capacity, we receive groups throughout the school year..

To the Asinerie de Kéraël, come and share a time rich in discovery !

In collaboration with your educative team, we work out a program for half a day, the day, the follow-up through several seasons.

Possible topics :

- Donkeys husbandry (from breeding to  birth)
- Hiking and orienteering
- Knowledge of the farm (poultry, pigs, goats, ponies, donkeys)
- Carriage and hiking
- Other topic (to build together)

Pedagogic supports :
- Tracking games, compasses, file on the donkey, care to the animals, feeding,
- Books, tapes, stories, songs, aerial photography, etc…

We are at your disposal for any information and to work out an individualized plan.