The hikers

Our staff…

Don't forget the main thing ! Introducing our friends with long ears !

There is currently 34 donkeys in the herd. But the youngest don't hike yet, the stallions neither, some are not yet or no more able to hike, and mothers are available only when they are not in maternity leave !

Mothers and young

News from the herd :

Nounours, Nectar, Napoléon, Kana et Loko made at the beginning of june, their first hike in a long term in the peninsula : successful test for every one !

Prosper is back for summer, to lend us a hand for the hikes.

Sunday et Philo have had male foals, Bleizig (which means "little wolf" in breton) and Bob (because "Bob dit l'âne") in the first days of june, whith beginning in the life not very easy for Bob, Sunday's foal.

A wily donkey, which open all gates and drag friends into going for a walk. A little greedy when he walk, be careful not to be fooled !

Little donkey, but already age of 15, he spent his first years with horses. He still thinks he is a horse and is well known by the horse-riders who ride along the farm.

Also aged of 15, he has been the single stallion of the herd during a long time and is the father of Obiwan, Quinig, Riboul, Voyou et Vignette. He must now "share" his harem !

The single skewbald donkey of the herd, he can as well hike and take part of animations for children. First donkey born in the farm, he is 12 years old.

Until last year, he used to pull the cart with Korrigan. As some strongest donkey have joined us, he now goes for dailys walks or take part of animations. He is 18 years old.

Excellent hiker donkey, which explore the whole Peninsula during the summer. He is 13 years old.

Aged of 9 years, he is Capucine's and Ignace's son. A hiker with a energic pace.


Aged of 6 years, he is Obiwan brother, come as a surprise !

Obiwan's, Riboul's and Vignette's mother. She is 21 years old.
She is chubby because she has had a lot of babies… well, that what is said !

She arrived last year in the farm, and gave birth to a foal called Abricot, which left the farm in january.

Arrived in the herd in spring 2010, Oliver is 13 years old. He was given to us by his owner, who had not enough time to accord to him.

In the farm since last automn, Loko has already a solid experience : he was hitched and mounted.
At 15 years old, he is in full vigor of life and is very dynamic !

Arrived just after Loko, this "Grand Noir du Berry" of 13 years has officially a following in "bis" to his name…
But, two syllables will be enough !
He is a very good hiker.
This good size donkey has been with us sinc february. Aged of 5 years, he is a pleasant nature. Dynamic, he walks at a good pace.
And here are our last recruits :
Nounours et Nectar came frome Normandie
in the first days of may.
They have already been saddled and are ready to hike.
Randonnée avec un âne à Océ'âne - Nounours
Poitou father and mother of the Grand Black Berry, he is 10 years.
Oceane, randonnée avec un âne en presqu'île de Crozon
Poitou father and mother Andalusian, he is a big donkey of 10 years.
Paco, Pépin et Paulo don't work for the moment : Paulo has been castrated in spring and Paco et Pépin have juste joined the herd, after a few monthes spent with the horses of the Calèches Lanvéociennes in Guernigenet
randonner avec un âne : Paco
Aged of 5, he was, as well as Pépin, busy to make fields clearing !
randonner avec un âne : Pépin
Arrived at Océ'âne two years ago, he will begin to work this summer. He is 7 years old.

One of the last arrival in the herd, Paulo is 7 years old.
He needs now to practice to be a quiet donkey.
And here are
the donkeys born in 2009.

Voyou et Volt have been castrated in spring and have now join the herd.

Vignette stays with the mother and foals.

Born on may 25th in 2009, he is Sunday's foal.

Capucine's foal, she is the first female donkey of a long line of males ! She was born on june 2nd in 2009.
The last born in 2009, but Philomène's first foal, he was born on july 16th.
And here are the foals of the year 2011.
They both have Groucho as father, a big black donkey, unfortunately dead poisoned in autumn.

Philomène's foal, born on june 4th. His name means "Little wolf" in Breton.

Sunday's foal, born on june 10th. He was called Bob, because "Bob, dit l'âne" (Dylan).

Big donkey, cross "Grand noir du Berry" and "Baudet du Poitou" of 10 years.
For now, she does not hike, she is learning.

Arriving at the farm along with Ninon. 9 years old, he begun to hike last year.

Almost 7 years-old is the daughter of Ignace and Hocifer. She gave birth on July 17th, 2010 at Arobase, a pretty little black donkey.


Small donkey 8 years, punchy and sometimes a little dippy! Walking at a good pace and very cuddly, she won a great success!

This little donkey, age 7, came into the herd of Océ'âne, to learn to be close ! In great progress ... but could do better ...
He became the inseparable companion of Lila and weeps as soon as she comes out for a hike!

Arriving two years ago in the herd, the mother of Philomene and Voyou little young donkey born in spring 2009.
Bob, her baby was born on June 10th.

8 years old, she has came for 2 years in the herdwith her mother Sunday. She gave birth in 2009 to Volt, her first young donkey.
She just gave birth to Bleizig, her second young donkey, on June 5th
And here the competition for Ignace, the stallion appointed of the herd. Quinig being his daughter, impossible for him to stand out ! Even for donkeys, it is not convenient ...
Viking, 7 years old is here ...
Mission accomplished, Arobase was born July 17 ...

Need a little reinforcement for hiking in the summer?
Prosper responds to this !
So here he is income for the 2011 season.
Océ'âne, randonner avec un âne en presqu'île de Crozon
july 2010                                   may 2011
She was born July 17, 2010 !
This is the first born of Quinig and Viking.
She took a bay color during the winter, but will probably be black again next summer !